Dysport®: one product, a range of indications

Dysport® is based on botulinum toxin ‘Type A’, a compound based on a bacterium that inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle. Botulinum toxin injections cause contracted muscles to relax, enabling patients to return to a number of their daily activities, while relieving them and improving their quality of life.
Dysport® is administered by practitioners in neurology and other specialist medicine areas. There are a diverse range of drug indications:

  • spasticity (exaggerated muscular tone following a stroke for example),
  • cervical dystonia (a chronic condition in which the neck is deviated), 
  • hemifacial spasm (a movement disorder characterized by contractions of the muscles located on one side of the face that can lead to disfigurement)
  • blepharospasm (involuntary contraction of the eyelids).

For aesthetic indications, Ipsen works with partners to market its toxin, thereby seeking to achieve a consistent level of excellence while remaining focused on its therapeutic use. It is marketed for aesthetic indications by Medicis in the US, and by Galderma, under the Azzalure® brand, in Europe. It is used for the correction of frown lines (glabellar lines) caused by repeated frown movements. In certain countries, Dysport® is also prescribed for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, characterized by excessive perspiration for which conventional solutions are hardly efficient – a market which shows significant potential.