KARAJA S.R.L., was established in 1985 and is today a prestigious brand in decorative cosmetics. It produces a complete range of avant-garde professional make-up for women of all ages who love to play with colour and with their own personality, and who take care after their skin’s health, leading them to seek high quality products with guaranteed performance. Using safe and successful formulas, KARAJA offers a winning product because it has class, appeal, and a creative charm that the entire world recognizes in the phrase "Made in Italy".


With Karaja, customers find technologically advanced products at the right price. Behind each product lies the guarantee of a professional and reliable company, which uses some of the best selected ingredients. It is our mission to provide superb quality and constant innovation.  

Great determination, with a desire to surprise and to always appear in new exciting ways: Karaja turns make-up into an experience that engages the creativity of its customers, enticing them into its world of colours and beauty.  



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